How to abstain for a long time?

Sexuality is nowadays a common reality in our society. However, very often, this subject becomes necessary, even essential, over a more or less prolonged period to deprive oneself of this activity. How to manage this abstinence without damage? This article gives you some advice to make sexual abstinence fully possible.

A life without sex is possible!

According to society, sexuality is the proof of our ability to be active teenagers in everyday life. And this is true for each other. However, this subject can perfectly do without us, its role is only vital for reproduction. 

It serves us to feel good, to establish a bond, a physical communication with the other. Thus, even being very animated by desires, we can put them aside momentarily without the body suffering.

Perseverance in prayer and religious knowledge for believers

All day long, we consume unhealthy products that have become a big trend. These include erotic movies, enticing advertisements in the streets, erotic romance books, etc. In the face of this, how much time per day do you devote to prayer and biblical knowledge in order to be filled with divine words? 

Believers can then feed their minds with divine truth and purity. Time spent in intimacy with God and listening to his voice purifies our thoughts and intentions. If you are a believer, then to abstain for a long time, you can try meditating on the scriptures. 

Stop overestimating our spiritual strength

Once you have made an effort, do not overestimate your spiritual strength. A firm decision not to have sex does not mean that temptation will run away from you. Our hearts are going to be tested and any real decision must be accompanied by real action.

There are very concrete ways to keep our thoughts and escape moments of temptation. Avoid underestimating them by believing you are strong enough. The risk of falling is then very real.