Is it a disease to like rough sex ?

When the libido is in full swing, your main goal is to pour your sexual arousal on your partner, to show him the raw power of desire. Wondering if rough sex is a disease or not? Well, here's an answer!

What does "aggression" mean in sex?

First of all, the word "aggression" has a negative connotation, as it is used in common parlance as a synonym for violence. Violence is always motivated by a feeling of powerlessness or omnipotence. 

Healthy aggression, on the other hand, is an energy that encourages contact, intimate encounters and exchanges. It is the primary expression of life energy, without which desire cannot be sustained. 

When brutality in bed is not a disease 

The secret of a satisfying sexuality is to manage aggressiveness correctly. First, if it is limited, it softens sexuality and leads to frustration. Second, if it is too much, it can become aggressive. 

You and your partner need to connect your deepest desires and start by acknowledging your fantasies. This will create an energy that stimulates desire and releases the body.  Also, in a normal relationship based on respect and cooperation, you release your good aggression with your fantasies. A little aggression has never been a disease.

When rough sex becomes a disease  

Ropes, shackles, collars and whips are objects of desire for sadomasochists. In fact, the pleasure and practice of rough sex is often a sign of transition to sadomasochism, which is a paraphilia.  This category is considered an illness or aberration.

On the other hand, paraphilia is often a way to revitalize a relationship, but it is important to remember that this practice is a source of suffering for the practitioner and the partner.

In addition, rough sex also becomes a disease if safety rules are not followed to avoid accidents, such as not drinking before sex. Also agree on a protective word or gesture (indicating that the action should stop immediately) and that the action is always consensual.