What women don't like to be done to them during sex

Dear men, it is important that you know one thing. The moments of pleasure that you live with your ladies are moments of joy, full of energy and tenderness. You know that you must know how to caress the curves of your women with softness. Sometimes you commit acts that spoil the sexual desire of your partners. Check out some of the things women hate in bed below.

Burning the Foreplay

This moment of pleasure is essential as it intensifies the lubrication of the vagina. Foreplay relaxes the woman and gives her confidence. Many men, often in a hurry, ignore this step and intimately hurt their partner because of friction. It is necessary to be gentle and sensual.

Avoiding the woman's gaze

Apart from an irrepressible squinting problem, there is nothing to stop you from looking her straight in the eye. All in all, you are both living a magical moment. So take the opportunity to look at her. It might even give you more desire.

Avoiding clitoral stimulation

First of all, you should know that the clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman's body. It is a real pleasure mine, even if it is often neglected compared to the stimulation of the vagina. It would be nice if you titillated it more often!

Don't ask her what she wants you to do to her

This is probably the best advice. Lend yourself to her fantasies and diversify your skills in bed as much as possible. Women hate monotony when it comes to sex. Surprise her and show her that you're interested in her wants and desires.

Falling asleep spontaneously after sex

Many men don't care about their partner after they come. They go straight to bed or invite their partners to go home. Perhaps your partner will want to talk or cuddle with you after sex instead.  Making love is a three-step art: before, during and after. Don't burn any of them!