The benefits of regular sexual activity

We all know that sex is a moment of pure pleasure between two lovers. But what many people don't know is that regular sex has many benefits for both lovers. Here are the main ones.

Sex keeps you healthy

Just like sports, sexual relations also allow to burn calories. Indeed, by combining the useful with the pleasant during a sexual intercourse, 15 minutes are largely enough to burn 69 to 100 calories. This amount of calories is equivalent to about 10Km of jogging on a treadmill.

In addition, sex practiced at a decent pace allows you to let off steam and flush out toxins. During sexual activity and orgasm, hormones are released that are very beneficial to health. Among these are endocrine and serotonin. The first one provides a feeling of physical relaxation and anti-migraine, conducive to relaxation. As for serotonin, it provides a feeling of general appeasement and reduces anxiety, anguish or stress.

Sex helps prevent heart problems

The heart benefits from regular sexual activity in two ways. First, regular sex increases the heart rate. This allows the heart to pump blood more efficiently to the entire body, which in turn lowers blood pressure. Secondly, anxiety and stress, two factors closely linked to high blood pressure, are significantly reduced.

Sex beautifies the skin

The sweat secreted during sexual activity has an unimaginable power on the skin. As it leaves the body, it cleanses the pores and prevents acne outbreaks; the skin becomes more radiant. Say goodbye to day creams and even paraben-filled soaps.

And that's not all. Estrogen has a powerful role in moisturizing the skin. Also, collagen, a protein secreted in high levels during sex, makes the skin elastic and supple.