The sexual positions that men prefer

Sexual relations are very important for everyone, whether man or woman. Each person has his favorite positions. So what are the sexual positions that men prefer? 

Doggy style 

Doggy style is the first sexual position that men prefer. It can be done standing or on a bed. Indeed, it is a position of the Kamasutra which, when done on a bed, consists in the woman getting on all fours and the man positioning himself behind to perform the back and forth movement. 

When it is done standing, it follows the same principle as the previous one, except that this time, the standing woman leans forward a little to facilitate the penetration. This position is perfect for the shower for two. Doggy style facilitates spontaneous sex. However, it can be complicated if one of the partners is taller than the other. 

The spoon 

Second on the list, the spoon is also one of the most popular Kamasutra positions for men. Both lying on one side, the woman with her back to the man, this very exciting position is most often adopted in the morning. Easy to adopt and not too physically demanding, the spooning offers maximum sensuality and tenderness. 

Moreover, with the possibility that the woman has to change position with her torso, she can bring more diversification while varying the angle of the penetration. A rather interesting position! Small drawback, the positioning of the arm underneath and the numbness that goes with it. 

The missionary 

Sexual position also very appreciated by the male gender, the missionary is like the two previous positions quite interesting. Long judged by its lack of originality, it is a sexual position that still occupies a good position in the ranking of the best positions of Kamasutra. 

Here, the woman is lying on her back, legs spread and the man is on top of her. Everyone finds pleasure in this position. The fact that the partners look into each other's eyes in this position increases the excitement and sensuality.